My original music...

As a Songwriter....
Meliesa is not a prolific songwriter, but rather a contemplative and deliberate one. She prefers to slow cook her material in a crock pot, not flash fry it in a hot pan.  As such, she has one solo CD on which she wrote and arranged all but one song. This CD "some neglected toy" was released in December 2003.

Since then, she has made numerous demos, slowly sifting through to decide what songs will be on her next solo effort.

Meliesa also co-writes with her Xspanse duo partner John Naylor. Their collaboration is yielding some exciting results, and you can expect a release in the second half of 2015.

As an Original Artist....
Meliesa is featured on several recent orginal projects as a lead vocalist (and at times co-writer).
  • Aftermath, a symphonic heavy metal band based in Hammerdal, Sweden (reformed as Lapis Lazuli after Meliesa's departure).
  • Black Folder Project, a retro-light pop project based in Gothenberg, Sweden.

She is also one of the featured lead vocalists on the upcoming solo CD by John Prassas (Aesma Daeva), and has provided backing vocals and guitar for Veronica Freeman's (Benedictum) upcoming solo CD.

Original Music